Smooth Shipping

To get a final quote on shipping for your order, fill your cart, proceed to the checkout, fill out your address and the confirmation page will show you your total including your shipping rate before you are sent to Paypal or Credit card to make payment.

Local Orders

If you are ordering closer to my home(I can send to Manitoba with these), I will try to use Canada Post's  Express Post Envelopes (they are a great deal!) whenever I can.

Custom Shipping Costs

In some cases (large orders or odd corners of the world,  for instance) it may be appropriate for custom shipping charges. Don't hesitate to contact me about this.

Local Customers

For local customers who want to pick up items directly from me, or if you have a Powell River Sustainability Stakeholders card, please email me for the code to enter to eliminate your shipping cost or get your discount. 

Shipping Times

Because every item is hand-made (unless it happens to be in stock), PLEASE allow for 2-3 weeks before you can expect it in your mailbox.



Shipping Style




Customer Pick Up

0.0 kg - 25.0 kg



Heavy Goods Shipping

5.0 kg - 20.0 kg


Multiple Goods

2.0 kg - 5.0 kg


Standard Shipping

0.0 kg - 2.0 kg



Heavy Standard Ground

3.0 kg - 15.0 kg 

Standard Ground
0.0 kg - 3.0 kg
Rest of the World Heavy International Shipping
5.0 kg - 15.0 kg


International Shipping
0.0 kg - 5.0 kg